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To help you get stronger and smarter, we offer FR&W Fitness Forums at the store. Come for hands-on learning and expert guidance from fitness professionals who know what works.

Running Form and Efficiency Tips Clinic
Wednesday, March 7th
Time: 7:15 – 8:15 PM

Where: Meet at the store
Coach: Josh Vander Wiele
Class Max: 10 participants – class fills quickly, limited to first 10 people who call into the store to RSVP. (Class open to teens and up.)

What to wear: Running shoes and something comfortable you can move around in.

Must RSVP prior to clinic by calling (360) 676-4955.

More Questions? Call us at the store or email runners@fairhavenrunners.com.

There is a better way to run
Faster, easier, more injury free
Learn the 4 Keys to better running form-posture, cadence, midfoot and lean
Personalized instruction, drills  and feedback
Reserve your spot today and run better!

Staffer (and coach) Josh Vander Wiele will share some great tips for faster, easier, more injury free running. Participants will get a chance to practice what they learn with guided drills and feedback. There will be time for your running related questions, like “Am I breathing right?” 





How To Crush Your 100 Mile Race
Presented by Team RunRun
Thursday, March 22nd

You’ve done all the training and you’re as physically and mentally ready as you can be for your big race. But 100 mile and farther events require more than physical and mental preparedness to achieve your goals. Pacing strategy, appropriate nutrition and hydration, race specific gear and impromptu problem solving are other vital considerations when planning your long ultra race.

Seasoned ultrarunners and Team RunRun coaches Matt Urbanski, Mark Cliggett and Yvonne Naughton, share their tips on running long ultra events including 100 mile, 200 mile and 24 hour timed events. The discussion panel will be led by Bellingham local and Team RunRun coach Max Antush.