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To help you get stronger and smarter, we offer FR&W Fitness Forums at the store. Come for hands-on learning and expert guidance from fitness professionals who know what works.

From Iraq and Back
with CamE Tasker
Thursday, December 14th
7:15 – 8:15pm

Local trail runner and army veteran CamE Tasker will share how recovery from combat was found running in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  Learn how she used education, diet, exercise and friendships to heal from the inside out amidst 8 years of surgical procedures, hospitals, doctors and drugs.  For it was the adventure itself that brought her recovery from PTSD and emotional trauma. Come join us for an awe inspiring evening detailing her plight to recovery, racing, and her upcoming non profit, Running for Combat Veterans.



Basic Nutrition, Strength, and Training for Running your Best! with Carol Frazey, Kerry Gustafson and Maria Dalzot
Thursday, January 11th
7pm at the store

Do you want to be a healthy, strong runner for life? Join Carol Frazey, Kerry Gustafson, and Maria Dalzot, for an interactive evening of learning essentials for running your best. Come away with a daily plan that will change your running life forever!

Kerry Gustafson is the owner of Prime Massage and Sports Medicine. She meets the needs for everyone in any category.  Whether you are an amateur or top level athlete, or someone looking to better improve their fitness and health goals to live life full of energy and well-being.  She has over 16 years of experience providing health care to patients in the physical therapy, high school, Division I college athletic setting, and professional athletes.  Kerry is a community-focused individual who focuses on creating an individualized experience for clients.

Maria Dalzot is a certified Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition & Food Science. She works with people of all ages and disciplines to help them reach their health, wellness and performance goals. Maria runs professionally for La Sportiva, is a USATF National Trail Champion, and a multi-time US mountain team member.

Carol Frazey is president of Fit School, Inc. with a mission to educate and motivate individuals to make small changes each day to live healthier lives…and to have fun while doing it!  She also runs the Fit School Running training programs that you can register for at the store.


Run Faster, Easier, More Injury Free
Running Form and Efficiency Tips
Upcoming Dates: Thursday, January 18th
Time: 7:15 – 8:15 PM

Where: Meet at the store
Coach: Josh Vander Wiele
Class Max: 10 participants – class fills quickly, limited to first 10 people who call into the store to RSVP. (Class open to teens and up.)

What to wear: Running shoes and something comfortable you can move around in.

Must RSVP prior to clinic by calling (360) 676-4955.

More Questions? Call us at the store or email runners@fairhavenrunners.com.

There is a better way to run
Faster, easier, more injury free
Learn the 4 Keys to better running form-posture, cadence, midfoot and lean
Personalized instruction, drills  and feedback
Reserve your spot today and run better!

Staffer (and coach) Josh Vander Wiele will share some great tips for faster, easier, more injury free running. Participants will get a chance to practice what they learn with guided drills and feedback. There will be time for your running related questions, like “Am I breathing right?”