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“Doing Your Thing” Every Day: How Lead Actions Can Help Make It Happen – Fit Tips from Carol

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn

Are you ready to take your health to a whole new level this year? One discipline that all successful people practice is that they do their thing EVERY DAY, not just when they feel like it.  Not just when it is sunny outside.  Not just when the temperature is between 67 – 70 degrees.  Not just when all the housework is complete.  Not just when they feel like getting out of their comfy bed at 5am.  NO!  They do it every day.

You may think, “Wow, that is so rigid and controlled.  I don’t want to live a life like that!”  Well, aren’t there already things that you do consistently, at the same time every day without even thinking twice?  How about the time you wake up?  How about brushing your teeth (at least I hope!)?  How about checking your email, Facebook, and your phone?  Yes, you choose to do these every single day.

Guess what we need to do all of these things?  Our bodies!  And I want your body to be on this Earth as long possible. You’ve got things to do.

There are a lot of things we can’t control, but taking care of our bodies so that we can “do our thing” is definitely something we can do.  And if you want to better ensure that you do the things you need to do to live a healthier, more fulfilled, and fun life, make sure to implement some LEAD ACTIONS.


What’s that? A Lead Action leads us into another activity without much thought or choice. Here are some examples of Lead Actions:


  • I turn on my coffee maker in the morning and go directly into my living room and start doing the 3-Minute Core Workout.
  • One client works the night shift.  She has a light, healthy snack and puts on her workout gear before leaving work.  Then, when she gets home, she doesn’t even go into her house.  She starts walking for at least 20 minutes.  Or, she sometimes stops along the way from work and walks on a trail or in a different neighborhood.
  • Before going to bed, set out your workout clothes for the next day, put your running shoes by the door, and/or pack your gym bag.
  • Set your alarm for a half hour earlier so that you can jump up and go for a walk or a run.
  • Pack 4 vegetables and 3 fruits into your lunch bag the night before.  Make a commitment to yourself that all of these items need to be eaten by you before coming home.


What is one simple Lead Action you can incorporate into your daily routine this month to help you have a healthier life?

You got this!

Coach Carol

Carol Frazey is a lifelong runner with a mission to educate and motivate individuals to make small changes each day to live healthier lives and to have fun while doing it. She is the coach and owner of The Fit School and leads our Jump Start into Running Clinics. Her next Jump Start session begins Monday, March 6th.